A very heart warming story is the stupendous surgical operation carried out by a team of over 30 surgeons in Bangalore recently.

Two-year-old Lakshmi Tatma was successfully separated from her parasitic twin by 10 am in a marathon 27-hour operation.

The team operating on a rare case of ‘ischiopagus conjoined parasitic twin’ was confronted with many challenges like blood loss, narrow blood vessels, functional kidneys in both Lakshmi and her parasitic twin, fused spine and shared vagina, urinary tract and anal canal.

The operation was carried out at the Sparsh Hospital, Bangalore. “We are still not ready to celebrate as she will be in the critical zone for the next 48 to 72 hours,” said Dr. S. S. Patil who led the team of surgeons.

Let’s pray for the good health of this little girl -who has been given a new life.