There seems to be no one to take up the cause of Indian workers in the Gulf. For the most part, they seem to be exploited – by the recruiters who take them there in the first place and their employers there who treat them very differently from their own people. It can of course be argued that they should not have gone there in the first place.

What is particularly striking is the silence maintained by the powerful Left parties in India on such an issue. As the Times of India reported :”There was no reaction from any political party, nor from the Left. The Left, the most vociferous reciters of the Marxist slogan ‘workers of the world, unite’ were busy trying to fend off the looming imperialism in the shape of the Indo-US nuclear deal. Probably, they did not notice the plight of Indian workers in UAE. ”

The questions raised by the BJP President, Rajnath Singh to the Left are pertinent and thought-provoking.