Cisco unveiled its state-of-the-art Globalisation Centre East campus in Bangalore on October 31. The opening ceremony was presided over by former Indian President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and John Chambers, Cisco chairman and CEO.

The Company announced that it is extending venture investment initiative in India by another $100 million to drive growth with high-potential Indian companies This is consistent with Cisco’s long track record of driving growth in the information technology market through investment in the innovation economy. In 2005, Cisco designated an initial $100 million in venture funding for this purpose as part of its overall $1.1bn investment plan for India.

Said Wim Elfrink, chief globalisation officer for Cisco. “India is at the heart of our globalisation vision and provides a platform for Cisco to capitalise on the growth potential and lead market transitions in the emerging world. The commitment we are making to truly globalise our business is reflective of the changing business models of our customers and partners. We will develop products and services here that will fully support the goal of services-led solutions-oriented models for customers in this part of the world”.

At the event, Cisco TelePresence was used to project full life-size images of Cisco executives in California onto the stage in Bangalore, as if they were there in person. The demonstration of an on-stage Cisco TelePresence experience integrated a next-generation display technology with Cisco TelePresence technology.

The Bangalore opening ceremony was also the first time Cisco TelePresence and the Cisco Digital Media System were used to publicly broadcast live content to desktop users via the Cisco Video Portal and participants on campus viewing Cisco Digital Signage. As part of the event, Cisco also demonstrated Cisco TelePresence interoperability with existing video conferencing equipment.