At a time when Work-Life Balance has become a major issue for many professionals in India, it is encouraging to read in The Hindu about the Flexible Work Options used by IBM.

IBM’s flexi work option for employees has bust three myths at one go: first, that one needs to work long and regular hours to be considered a ‘performer’; that flexi working shows ‘lesser commitment’ and could therefore jeopardise one’s career growth; thirdly, and perhaps the most interesting, that more women prefer to work from home than men.

That does not mean that men are not choosing this option. They are and are using the extra time saved from the commute etc to devote to furthering their career by studying for programs like their MBA.

IBM prides itself on its employee-friendly programs. Globally, 42 per cent of IBMers work in a mobile environment (i.e. work from home, at a customer’s office or alternate location, or are ‘mobile’ and do not have dedicated office space).

The grass, as they say, always looks greener on the other side. Working from home is not as easy as it is often made out to be. However, if you are able to discipline yourself and stay focused, there are huge benefits from working at home.