Today, was the first commercial flight of the world’s largest jetliner the Airbus 380. It flew from Singapore to Sydney.

The A 380 can carry…hold your breath….555 passengers in a three-class configuration. It’s take off weight is 544.3 tonnes. It’s length is 72.6 m and it’s height is 24.1 m with a wingspan of 79.8 m. A nice interactive site at Singapore Airlines gives you all the information about their A 380.

The Singapore Airlines plane has 399 economy class seats on both decks, and on the upper deck 60 business class seats that can turn into flat beds to accommodate an adult and a child comfortably.

Most of the places for the inaugural flight on the 471-seat double-decker plane were auctioned for charity on eBay, raising more than $US1.25 million ($A1.41 million).

The flight itself took 7 and a half hours in the A380 which is as tall as a seven-story building with each wing big enough to hold about 70 mid-sized cars.