A study by IBM’s consulting arm indicates that many organizations see a crisis looming with reference to leadership in the future, reports the Economic Times.

Three-quarters of the people who responded said this was a significant workplace issue.” The study found 88 % of companies in the Asia Pacific region are most concerned with their ability to develop future leaders, followed by Latin America (74 %); Europe, Middle East and Africa, (74 %); Japan (73 %) and North America (69 %).

The survey by IBM’s consulting arm interviewed 400 human resources executives from 40 countries and suggests companies are putting growth strategies at risk if they cannot identify and develop the next generation of leaders.

To my mind, an integral requirement for leadership in the future will be, if it is not already so, a truly global outlook. Cross-geography assignments in varying cultures become essential to develop the very different perspectives needed for global leaders.

I see significant need for organisations to have select executives coached in ways of working in different parts of their business world.