The world is changing and changing fast. A news item that caught my attention was an announcement by the Madras Cemeteries Board.

The Madras Cemeteries Board which regulates the burial of Christians of various denominations in and around Chennai, erstwhile Madras announced that they plan to have online telecast of funerals . This will enable relatives and friends from far away to see the funeral without being there themselves.

Said Dr. Bosco Alangar Raj of the Board : “Globalisation has taken Indians far and wide. Back home, when someone dies, the body has to be kept for three or four days till the close relatives arrive. ” For those who live and work in distant countries, it’s very difficult to reach even after three days. So, watching the funeral services either live or deferred is a matter of consolation and convenience. That’s where this service becomes relevant,” he said.

Interesting trend.