Emails are very much a part of our work life. We can no longer imagine a world without email.

Researchers at Glasgow University and Paisley University in the UK, found that 34% of the workers questioned as part of their study admitted to checking their inbox every 15 minutes.

Though 64% of the workers said they looked at their emails more than once an hour, monitoring software showed that it was more like 40 times an hour. At least 34% of the workers also said that they were stressed by the sheer number of emails that come in, and the need for a speedy reply. Another 28% admitted that they were “driven” after checking their mails because of the pressure to respond.

“Our survey indicates the astonishing extent to which email is embedded in our day-to-day lives,” the researchers, are quoted as saying. “Females, in particular, tended to feel more pressure to respond than males,” they added.

Some figures about stress inducing emails:

  • 6 trillion business email messages sent worldwide in 2006
  • 49 minutes spent managing emails each day by the average office worker
  • 4 hours spent managing emails per day by senior management worker
  • 80 % of emails sent are actually ‘spam’ – unsolicited adverts, many of which are fraudulent or otherwise illegal
  • 62 % of workers check business emails while at home or on holiday

Use email as a productivity and convenience tool. Don’t become a slave to it!