The World Bank studies relative ease of doing business in different countries. In the 2008 edition, India ranks 120 out of the 178 countries surveyed- an improvement over the 2007 rank of 134.

The top 5 countries are Singapore, New Zealand, the United States, Hong Kong and Denmark.

The biggest negative in India was in the ease of starting a business. Entrepreneurs are required to go through 13 procedures, double that of the average for developed countries and 50 % higher than its regional peers, to start a business.

India’s ranks for the year on various factors( best rank=1, worst rank=178 !):-

  • Doing Business 120
  • Starting a Business 111
  • Dealing with Licenses 134
  • Employing Workers 85
  • Registering Property 112
  • Getting Credit 36
  • Protecting Investors 33
  • Paying Taxes 165
  • Trading Across Borders 79
  • Enforcing Contracts 177
  • Closing a Business 137

India’s best scores were in Protecting Investors and Getting Credit but Enforcing Contracts is still an eye sore ! The highest gains with reference to the last year came in Trading Across Borders and Getting Credit.