I have enjoyed watching Amul Star Voice of India, a popular music talent contest in India.

Of late, things have become bizarre. Some weeks back, the last 4 were Ishmeet, Harshit, Irfan & Abhilasha. There was an outcry when Toshi, Priyani and Aabhas were eliminated because they got less votes from viewers.

Amazingly, citing the wild card entry method, all 3 who were eliminated were brought back! No definition of wild card entry that I know of includes getting back some one who has already lost in a competition!!

What happens if Ishmeet, Harshit, Irfan or Abhilasha were to get less votes in a future episode? Does that mean the earlier voting was invalid. Will there be another wild card or a wilder card and than the wildest card?

Disclaimer: Incidentally, my favourites are Abhilasha, Aabhas and Priyani but I speak on a matter of principle.