October in the US has been designated the National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I, for one, did not know it could affect males too but apparently these are the statistics of breast cancer for the United States:

New cases: 178,480 (female); 2,030 (male)
Deaths: 40,460 (female); 450 (male)

This is scary. Early detection and treatment can provide an almost 100 % cure says the Cancer Patients Aid Association.

An article by Professor Indraneel Mittra, Professor of Surgery and Consultant Surgeon and Scientist,Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai says the incidence of breast cancer is rising in every country of the world especially in developing countries such as India. This is because more and more women in India are beginning to work outside their homes which allows the various risk factors of breast cancer to come into play. These include late age at first childbirth, fewer children and shorter duration of breast-feeding.

Executive or home maker, student or independent professional, take care of yourself and have a periodic check up because cancer has no regard for title, nationality, religion or vocation.