Do we Indians go overboard? If it is praise, we lavish such vast amounts that it is often too heady for the recipient. This is so in sport, music talent shows and in all walks of life.
If it is criticism, the recipients are virtually hounded with strong abuse.

In the recent past, the Indian cricket team has tasted both varieties of crowd reaction. After their pathetic performance in the World Cup in the West Indies they slunk back to Indian shores without a whisper. The crowds bayed for their blood.

After the more recent triumph in the Twenty20 championship in South Africa, they were given a grand reception at Mumbai , the kind of which has not been seen in living memory.

Despite all the brave talk we are getting hammered by the visiting Australians. They lead 2-0 in the 7 match series with 4 more games to go.

Yes, we fans go overboard. Sadly, do the cricketers too? Can we not have a higher degree of commitment as we see in the Aussies?

Is off-field activity hampering India?