Economic Times’ Business Leader of the Year for 2007 is Mr. K. V. Kamath, MD & CEO of ICICI Bank.

Kundapur Vaman Kamath is a product of the erstwhile KREC, Surathkal now called the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka at Surathkal and the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Kamath raised over $11 billion in debt and equity in the last six months, creating the most valuable financial institution in the country. Three factors Kamath to capture investor imagination. The first is his ability to identify changing trends way before others in the industry. Second, under his leadership, the group has mastered the art of moving a new line of business from the drawing board to the market in 90 days. Third and most significant is his ability as a dream merchant to sell the ICICI and India story and raise capital in a manner that is audacious in both timing and size.

Mr Kamath has been instrumental in ICICI Bank’s exemplary success in talent management and career development.