My friend James Abraham, partner and director of the Boston Consulting Group in India says
” India is top most on the list of preferred destinations for countries facing an internal talent crunch situation”.

Times of India reports that World Inc. is looking up to India for talent. Bernard Salt, the Melbourne-based partner of KPMG says the Indian workforce is witnessing a 100-year peak. The talent pool is described as being vast, skilled up to international standards and the most sought after by Western countries.

Advantage India is reflected in the Indian economy growing at 9-10% in comparison with a growth of 1-2 % in the saturated West.

Accenture announced plans to have about 35,000 employees in India as against 30,000 in the US. IBM is expected to have about 70,000 employees in India, more than 50 % of its headcount of 130,000 in the US.