“What you do every day should contribute to giving your life meaning. If it doesn’t, why are you doing it?” – Don Hutcheson

When did you last set for yourself-learning goals? Many of us have become complacent with success that we forget that we need to constantly learn to remain current and competitive.

Ask yourself: What did I learn new today? What did I learn new last week? What did I learn new last month? What did I learn new last quarter?

If the answer is nothing, you are as good as dead. Not literally, of course, but swamped in a fiercely competitive environment which has no time or place for mediocrity.

Learnings need not be restricted to your field of specialization or expertise. Indeed it is a good idea to have learning goals in related areas. For example, it makes eminent sense for a Project/Program Manager to learn more about business and profitability apart from the essentials of Project/Program Management.

As the American author, Napoleon Hill tells us” Procrastination is the bad habit of putting of until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday”.

Don’t procrastinate on this one!