We had a pleasant re-union on Sunday, Feb 4. The occasion -the release of a book by Prof. Joe Philip, President & Founder of XIME. Was invited as XL alumnus since Joe is probably the senior most XLer in Bangalore having passed out way back in 1960. He served as faculty and Dean in XLRI in subsequent years.

The reason why most XLers of my vintage turned up was obvious. No, it wasn’t the beer alone. It was a chance to meet Fr. McGrath, going very strong at 84. He hasn’t lost one bit of his charm and wit. I asked him to autograph my copy of Joe’s book. I offered to hold his beer while he wrote a few words. “Don’t drink it!” was his quick reply.

As Joe Philip said Fr. McGrath has over the years become an institution having first come to XLRI in 1949 ! I couldn’t agree with him more when he said that for many batches of XLers, XLRI was Fr. McGrath and Fr. McGrath was XLRI.

Got the chance to meet old friends: amongst others, Aubrey Millet, Tito John Idiculla, George Olapally,David D’Costa and Bijou Kurien. My batchmates there were Harinarayana and Ravi Krishnaswamy.

My not having dyed my hair and growing old gracefully fooled Hari whom I had not met for many years. ” Which batch are you from, Sir?” he asked very politely. “Yours” I said.