Attended the 10 th Annual Conference of the National HRD Network at New Delhi last week. Was delighted to find a corner kept for XL Alumni: those of us who have had the pleasure of studying at XLRI, Jamshedpur.

There were so many people there that I don’t obviously remember all the names. Some that I do remember are:

  1. My seniors: Aquil Busrai of IBM, Anand Nayak of ITC, Hari Jha of ITC
  2. My batchmate: Shyam “Shotgun” Rau of DCM
  3. My juniors: As I passed out of XL 32 years ago, almost every one seems to be in this category! There were many but I do remember Emmanuel David, Sujatha Patel, Kumar Krishnaswamy,”Raja”Varadarajan,Prashant Sankaran, Gauri Sarin etc etc.
  4. Profs: The inimitable Madhukar Shukla

Cards and quick stories were exchanged. It was fun to be there.