ERC Dataplus, a leading HR technology company, and Human Resource
Executive magazine announced the results of their August survey covering “2007 Forecast” .
Respondents were asked to rate the importance of key HR activities to business success over the next 24 months.

Topping the list was talent retention with 75 % of respondents giving this issue a “very important” rating. This was followed by performance management with 65 %, leadership development with 58 %, talent acquisition 54 % and screening/assessment with 44 %.

When asked how much top leadership seeks HR input for key strategic decisions such as mergers, outsourcing, and retructuring, 51 % of the respondents reported “to some degree” while 31 % indicated “to a great degree.”

Asked about the direction of HR business process outsourcing, 23 % of the respondents expect the trend to escalate rapidly. The majority, 57 %, expect the trend to grow only slightly while 11 % expect the trend to flatten out and the remaining 9 % expect to see the functions brought back in house.